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“A valued and distinguished institution now stands like a colossus astride our information landscape.”   Professor Hilary Beckles, Pro Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies. (Nation Newspaper, November 23, 1994) .

Established in 1973, the Nation is Barbados’ most widely read newspaper with an average daily and Sunday circulation of 35,000 and 50,000 respectively.  The first issue of the paper, then a weekly, was published on November 23, 1973.   It started printing bi-weekly in 1977, introduced the Sunday Edition in 1979, and launched into daily printing in 1981.

Its authoritative news reporting and reliability of information have made the paper the most quoted in the Caribbean.  Never afraid to be controversial, The Nation has an independent editorial policy, and fiercely defends Barbados and things ‘Bajan’.  At the same time it has a reputation for very strong Caribbean coverage and full regional analysis.

The phenomenal growth of the Nation followed upon its exciting launch and creative development.  The paper created a niche for itself and then went on to set a new higher standard of journalism, not just for Barbados, but for the Caribbean.  Its aim has been to give Barbados a world-class newspaper and offer supreme service to its clients.

The Nation is a subsidiary of the Nation Corporation which is a subsidiary of One Caribbean Media Limited.  On January 1, 2006 the Nation Corporation, a Barbadian owned media and Communications Company merged with Caribbean Communications Network of Trinidad and Tobago to form One Caribbean Media Limited.  The Nation Corporation’s other subsidiary companies include the radio stations of StarCom Network, an Internet service company, Nation Logic; and a real estate holding company, Nation Properties.

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